Just little old me letting you know a little bit about me.

I’m really am little…I’m 4’10. hehe  I live in Canada.

I have 3 kids, 2 boys 10 and 12, and my daughter is 14.

Noah left the ark at my house….2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 degu’s, 2 guinea pigs, 30 something  fish, and 4 hampsters.

I love to read, garden, write poetry, the great outdoors and to cook.

My kids rule my life with their sports and clubs as I’m always driving them to and from.  Football,  baseball, horseback riding . I also manage my son’s football team.

My hubby of 18 years is a transport truck broker.

I have a saying in my house…..”If you come to visit me come anytime,  If you come to visit the house you’d better make an appointment!” lol.


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