Little update

Hello all

Just a little update for me.

As most of you know I have been trying to lose weight for about a year now and it has been an up hill battle.  Up 2 pounds, down 3 pounds, stay the same and then up 1, down 3, etc.   It has been a huge struggle for me, as I can’t really exercise because of my back.  I have to rely on my diet or lack there of to keep the weight off.


As of Tuesday I have now lost 30 lbs! 


I have more to go but I am proud of myself for taking 30 off and keeping it off.  But let me tell ya keeping it off is hard hard work!! 

So pray for me as I continue this battle of the bulge.


What goes through peoples head?

Football season has started again.

I am the manager of my sons rep football team. And I have a wonderful friend that helps me out.

One of my duties is to over see that the boys (26 of them) are at the right place and time for practice.  Sometimes this changes with only one hour notice and I have to run around calling parents.  I really don’t mind all that I have to do,  in fact I love being with the boys.  They become one of my own children.  For most of the boys this will be their 3rd year together and my 3rd year as manager.  So needless to say some of the boys give me hugs when they see me,  play catch with me,  hang out at my house,  or just come to see how I am and check up on things with me.

I have some very interesting parents.  Some like I said have been together going on 3 years and we share in our every day lives and get together outside football.  I have some parents that are new to the team and are great they have fit right in with everyone one else.


I have some that seem to just want to cause problems and freak out at every thing I ask or tell them  that needs to be done.  Some of these things are even for the safety of their children.  One example is I have a mother that continuously drops her child off and does not check in with me and let me know where she will be during the practice.  Now I know some of you may not understand why a grown woman needs to be checking in but we had an incident last year where we had a father just drop his child off and leave for 2 hours and come back to pick him up.  The problem with that is


Now the good news was another team from our city saw what had happened and took care of him for that 2 hours.  Even after the father was told about it he still didn’t always check in with me.

We have asked the parents to let us know where they are going to be because in case of an emergency with their child.  Football is an aggressive sport and kids do get hurt. We need to be able to find the parents fast in that kind of  case.                                                                                                                                                         I have couple of parents that do this but in this case with this mother she got upset when I asked her to let me know where she was going to be because she had already just left and went to the store.  She said well his uncle is here and so is his brother.  I said we are new to each other and  I don’t know that or them and you haven’t given me permission to talk to them about your child.  The boys safety is  my first and  only concern because God forbid something happens to your child it’s me that’s going to be in the ambulance with your child when we can’t find you because I ‘m not going to let an 11 year old that is hurt and afraid go by himself to the hospital with no support.  She still didn’t get it and was upset.  Even now when asked to show up for parent meetings she is either late or doesn’t even show up. 

Can some one explain this to me???  How can you get upset when someone is looking out for your kid and his safety?

This baffles me and I don’t get it.

DO YOU??????????????