toon1231Just a very quick note for all those who have taken pity on me and been praying for me,  helping me, and encouraging me……..

I have now lost….. 24 lbs!!!!!!! 

Yeah me!!!!!  weight20loss

And if I lose another 1/2 lbs by tomorrow then I will be at 25lbs and 2 lbs for the week!

This up and down rollercoaster ride that I have been on has been hard!! VERY hard!!

I’m not quite at my goal weight loss for this stage that I wanted to be but  I finally think I’m doing great and am very proud of myself.   I was told this week by one of the ladies that does my weigh in’s that this was the first time she has heard me say “I can do it” .

I finally agree with her!!  It has taken me a year to get this far and I am feeling great about it!

So I thank the good Lord and all my very very special friends who have been there from the beginning  (and you know who you are!!!) that have helped in so many many ways. 

From the bottom of my heart



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