Hello all

So sorry I have not been writing lately.  I have had a very busy few weeks.

Lets start with me little guy.   Although his headaches have not gone away, I think we have found the major problem aside from stress at school and being bullied………….IT”S CHOCOLATE.                                                                                    cadbury-milk-chocolateYup after changing his diet that’s the only thing that has done anything to change the headaches.   So no chocolate for him for Easter……BUT  I did go to the bulk barn and get him some carob and I will be making him some treats for him to enjoy on Easter  instead.

Football season has started again so we will be busy little beavers again! BUT the best is I get to spend time with a very dear friend again as her guy is old enough to join our team again.  YEAH ME!!!!!!!copy-of-dscf2743







My daughters horseback riding hasn’t stopped but the shows have. They start up again in June. She will be at the barn 3-4 times a week till the end of September.  And then lets not forget the fall fairs that she likes to go in.

Baseball season will be upon us soon as well and my middle guy will be starting his first summer season.  He can’t wait!!

As for me I will be going in June the 11 for my 4Th back surgery.  I have to stay a week and then I will use the rest of the summer to recuperate.

Things are finally looking better at the bank after my hubby’s identity was stolen a month ago. What a mess those people made of our account. Having your account frozen for almost a month was not fun let me tell you.

Well thats it for now, just a very quick update.


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