I have a beef

A few of my friends and I have been having this conversation and I wanted to share.     There are other jobs and professions out there in the same category but I have chosen these…..

Please,  please tell me why is it that movie stars and athletes feel the need to make so much money off us little people?canadian-money

          film-starsLets take the movie star,  do you really think that what you do warrants you making 1-15 millions per movie.    Come on give me a break.    Yes what you do is entertaining and you work hard, I don’t dispute that (in fact I’m a movie holic) BUT why do you make so much?     And then when you do make these outrageous fees you spend it on stupid stuff like drugs,  booze,  clothes that are way over priced, porn,  hookers,  rehab because you have no control over yourself,  too many cars that you can’t possibly drive,  toys (for whatever age),  parties for your dogs,  houses that ten or more families could live in, And then to top it all off you act like stupid spoilt  children and do stuff that no normal person would act like….the list goes on and on.   









Like the movie stars athletes make way way too much money.  Take hockey for example.  For my two boys and hubby to go to a game it’s almost $300 a night.   Yeah like we can afford that….NOT.  How do you expect the little guy to enjoy the game.  I know that most athletes have a short career but that’s what EDUCATION is for.  You know get one so you have something to fall back on when your career is done.  Again you guys are just like the movie stars and get upset at us little guys for wanting to see you and be like you. athletehouse

Why can’t you make a normal amount JUST LIKE the rest of us.   I mean it’s a job just like the ones we do.   You choose to do it.   I love the fact that after you choose this profession you get upset and angry that us little people would want your autograph and picture.  

    HELLOOOO  Are you kidding me?                                                                           

                       Deal with it!!    You choose the life style!!

With that said though I know there are some pretty sick people out there that cause you pain and heart ache and try anything and everything to you and against you.   And for that I feel bad for you.

I also think that there should be more professionsal that are role models in better ways then what they are now.  Help out those who can’t help themselves.  I know that there are kids in this world that are very talented but have no way of getting out of the rut they are in because no money and no one to help them and believe in them.                                                      

sportsBut I still think that you guys make way too much money. Who knows maybe if acting and sports were just like the rest of the jobs out there then maybe just maybe people wouldn’t be so star struck.

I said maybe……


I need Spring



2008_0226misc2008family20409   If you are anything like me, you are fed up with winter.        

    I have had ENOUGH of the snow and want the spring to come NOW!!!!!!

Last year I took some pictures of the garden and I needed a pick me up so I thought I’d share a little bit of spring with you all.

I hope you enjoy a bit of color after all that white we’ve had.



Thank you all for your prayers for my son.

We have had the MRI and it says…. 

HE’S FINE!!!!!!!!!  Yahooooooooooooooo

We still don’t know whats wrong but at least we know it’s not going to be bad.

I on the other hand found out today that I will need the 4th surgery.          It’s going to be as big as the first one he told me.  They have to take out all the  rods and screws in the back (not front ones)  Put in new rods and screws back in and around another cage that has to be added  and then fuse it all to my hips.
Yup great fun!!  NOT!!

I will be in a week this time.  So I still need to make plans for the kids’s  school and sports for them.  Hopefully ALL will work out.

Lets all say a prayer to the Good Lord that it does!!

MRI Update

As some of you know my little guy has been having headaches everyday for awhile  now. 

We have been going to the doctors and having tests done. After seeing the specialist, we have changed his diet and have been keeping records on how often he gets them.  (everyday!!!)

The doctor sent us for a CT scan and said everything was fine but when the specialist saw the CT scan he said he wanted a MRI done.  


Yesterday I finally got the letter from the hospital saying his MRI wasn’t until        

MAY 2.                  

I couldn’t believe how far away it was.  So I called the hospital and asked to be put on the cancellation list.  I told the lady that I didn’t care when it was.  I only needed  one hour’s notice and I could be there.  I didn’t care if it was 3am, it  was fine with me.  I said that my son was only 10 and that he played Rep sports and she said “say no more I had kids in Rep sports as well, I understand”.

Yahoo someone who gets it!!   Then about 2 hours later she calls back to say there was a cancellation that night and could we come? 

AHHHHHHHHHHHH          Let me think………          YES!!!!!!

Wow I was a very happy camper!!!  So we had his MRI done last night and now we just have to ……….wait………  You know for the doctors to have a look.   Then type up the report.   Then send it to our doctor.   Then we get a call and then we can go and fine out whats up.

You know hurry up and wait……and wait …….and wait……and wait