Not so good news

My little guy has been having headaches everyday for a while now and at first I thought it could be his eyes, but they checked out ok.

Then I thought it could be stress from being bullied at school but its better at school now.

We also thought it could be from football and getting knocked around playing but it’s been awhile now that he’s played and still the headaches.

So I took him to the family doctor.     He had blood tests and a CT scan done. The doctor didn’t think there was anything to be concerned with , but he still didn’t know what was causing his headaches.    So he sent us  to see a pediatrician.   Who has changed his diet by cutting out the headache triggers, like chocolate, cheese, pizza, food colourings, ascetic foods and juices, pop such as coke and pepsi and told him to wear sunglasses and a hat at ALL times outside the house.  He wants us to look into acupuncture as well.


The part that has me just a little freaked out is…..the doc said there was something on the CT scan and wants him to go for a MRI.   Why would one doctor say its fine and another say differently???

Of course you all know they never say anything at all at what the possibilities are or could be.  I don’t know which is worse.  Not knowing or knowing what it could be.                                                                                                                                                  So as a mom I’m praying that its nothing but my mind is still going 100 miles an hour thinking…..                                                                                                                                       I know I shouldn’t get all worked up about it but let me tell ya…’s NOT easy to do that.


Lady’s night out

Last night I went out with friends from high school. For the first time my hubby went with me. (YEAH) Normally he says it’s OK go have fun they are your friends.  It was so nice to have him there.  And I told him so a few times.

BUT…… he said he felt  awkward!!!! 

Not only was some idiot trying to pick me up (YUCK!!!)       But 3 of his ex girlfriends were there as well.  LOL    I know these women and we get along fine.    In fact we are all friends.    But hubby felt a bit weird that we were all together.   I just laughed.  It didn’t bother me at all. 


One of the women is married but her body language says that she still finds my hubby just little bit of all right.  (So do I) hehe  He has NO clue at all and thinks I’m off my rocker.  But as most women can I know how to read other women, and she was a thinking…….!!!  After 21 years together I feel very safe in our relationship.  After all it was my hubby who said…..”but I’m going home with you not her and she had her chance before and I made my choice!”  Yeah me!!

My hubby is an amazing man!!    I don’t know a person alive that has met my hubby that doesn’t think so as well.   EVERYBODY likes my hubby.  The good Lord has blessed me very very much with him!!

On a different note, although I didn’t lose as much weight as I wanted by last night the girls said they could tell I was losing and said I looked great! Yeah me…again!!!  lol

And I’m still sick with this cold … the kid is still going to die!!!

Under the weather

My daughters boyfriend says


In the time we’ve known him (6months)he has gotten sick 4 times with a cold.      (So much for that statement.)

This time he gave it to my daughter….who gave it to her younger brother….who gave it to his brother…..who gave it to his Dad….

Who has NOW given it to meeeeeeeeeeee.  pout pout boohoo.

It started out as sniffles and now is into the whole nine yards. Watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, headache, pressure behind my eyes…..etc!!!

After I die on the sofa, I think I need to go kill that kid!  LOL

BUT….. it’s ok….. He NEVER gets sick.  

Well we sure DO!!!!sick-3

House work



is it NEVER done?????

No matter how much,

or how often,


There is always something to do.  And Never enough time to do it either.housework

Heart broken

I feel awful for my little guy. 

Today on Valentine’s day his little girl friend broke up with him.  How on this day could she do that? He had gone out and got her a gift and before he could give it to her she called him.


My poor little guy is so upset.       BooHoo     pout pout.

Oh I know he’s only 10 and shouldn’t have a girl friend at all but he’s so heart broken.           I feel so bad for him.

I tried to say all the right things to him but he  just sighs and says in a small voice  “I’m  ok” .man woman hands holding broken heart

I just wanted to hug and kiss him.

Then about 2 hours later he cames to me and says  

“Mom I know why she broke up with me.” 

“Why”  I asked. 

“Because God has a plan for us all”

WOW what a kid!!  Even in his pain he realizes that.



Just a quick update on the whole weight loss thing.

I LOST ANOTHER    3/4lbs  over the weekend.

Not a lot   BUT  i’ll take it!!!!       

Just 2 more for my mini goal!! Yahoo!

Ok so now the good stuff is out of the way…….I got into trouble at the docs today because I didn’t remember WHATkind of garlic bread I ate from what company. Can you believe that????  They tell me that until I know 100%  all the time what I’m eating I need to be THATcareful.  Man oh man what a pain in the behind!!!  I knew this was going to be tough but  can’t they have pity on me???? LOL Nope I guess not! I know that’s just my tummy talking and not my head.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE   keep praying I really DO need ALL the help I can get!!!!!!!

Another day on the diet


      Just wanted to share with you all my great news!!                                                  

I got on the scales today at the doctors and I now only need to lose 2.3 lbs to have lost ALL 7 lbs that I gained over Christmas. YAHOOOOOOOOOOO

                         I have a few mini goals to reach for myself. 

Feb 11th I have an awards night and would love to be down the extra 2.3 lbs that I was before Christmas.

Feb 21 is a pub night.   A bunch of people from my high school are going to be there  and I haven’t seen some of them for …….ok lets  say awhile. hehe   So 5  lbs more by then would be great!

March 9th I have to see my doctor about my surgery so I need to have kept off my weight. Down 3-5 lbs more would be great by then.

Then May 9th is my great aunt Dot’s 85 birthday and I haven’t seen the extended family in about 5 years. Down another 10-15 lbs by then would be awsome!

A grand total of 20-27 lbs is my goal by May 9th. Which would mean that I will have lost 38-45 lbs  in  total.

Please say a prayer for me that I will succeed. I know I will be praying!!