A new year begins

So how many of you are like me and like to make those new years resolutions?        You know the ones where we say…

I will go on a diet.     I will say no to second helpings.    I will quit smoking.    I will quit drinking.     I will quit drugs.   I will be nice to my mother-in-law.    I will not fight with my siblings.   I will do better at my job.   I will stick up for myself.    I will not let my mother walk all over me.   I will be a better parent.   I will take a vaction this year.   I will do more things with the family.    I will …….

Shall I go on??????   Tell me how many of us really stick to them? Do you try really hard for a few days and then slip up only to try hard again for awhile and then give up?  How long does it take us to fall off the wagon?

falling-off-the-wagonFor me I think it lasts about a week,  maybe more depending on the resolution.  hehe      This year I think and hope that I will be able to stick to the ones I have set for myself.  BUT  Please feel free to check up on me to see how I’m doing. I need all the help I can get. lol  My resloutions go as follows…….

I will try and eat healthier and better for my body and life.

I will try and be a better mom by listening more and talking less.

I will try and lead by example in all areas of my life,  ie: no swearing.

I will give myself a break and not try and do everything myself,   YES I will ask for help.

And lastly…..I will be more thankfull and happier for the things God gives me no matter what they are because He has His reasons for them. (good or bad).

So whats your resolution going to be?    I hope you all have better luck than I have had in the past. hehe

From our house to yours we  hope you all have an amazing year in 2009.         May God bless  and keep you.


A great season of football

Well football season is finally over in my house for a few months. Although we are enjoying dry land training till then.

The boys finished their season 10 and 0. The only points scored against them was in the final game and in the third quarter. Hence winning them the championship.

We were invited to go to Ohio to represent Ontario to play in a tournament in November. The boys were very excited to go but myself and the couches were a little worried.  It’s not that we thought they couldn’t handle it, it was the fact that we had to go without our full team.  Some of the players that filled up our team were players we had never played with.  Some were a year younger and some were a year older. After our regular season ended we only had 3 weeks in which to learn how to play together and learn new rules as we would be playing by the American rules.  Our fields are also different as well. Ours are longer and wider. It can throw off a quarter back and receiver when they aren’t use to it. Once down there we found out that there were NO teams for us to play against. So they had to give us the championship for our age group. We were told we would play  2 different teams  in exhibition games instead.

We lost big time!!!!!!    Now don’t get me wrong I’m not a sore loser but how we lost was and still is a problem for me.  I know it’s just a game so I am letting it go. The boys are way better at it then me. hehe

We found out the boys our team were supposeto play were older than us and were bigger in size. Makes a difference at this age. Plus we were together as a team for 3 weeks, they were together for 5 years.  We were to play 2 games back to back 3 1/2 hours apart and at different fields with no time for lunch or snacks. Needless to say our boys were tired and cold. I know, I know we live in Canada we should be use to the cold winters but they are just little boys ages 8 to 11.  Yes that would be the MOM in me coming out. haha  Well because the boys were bigger than us one of our boys ended up in t hospital with a concussion. Now I know that football is an aggressive sport but boys please remember these were only exhibition games not the Super Bowl.  I must say though the two American teams we played were very good.  Our boys were just not used to playing teams that relied on diversion tactics instead of  playing. Again I know that sounds like a sore loser but I guess we just play a different way here than what they do. We had never seen a team that 5 boys on the line just all of a sudden fall down for no apparent reason. Our boys are wondering if they were OK and were trying to help them up, not realizing they were trying to score a touchdown instead. The mentality in which we play is completely different. Not wrong, just different.

But I guess the biggest thing I had a hard time with was with the first team we played.  Knowing we were playing an exhibition game and that it in NO WAY counted towards the championships, they played as if it really was the Super Bowl and wouldn’t even let some of their less skilled players out on the field to play to get some more experience. They played ONLY their first string players. We on the other hand made sure EVERYONE played. As a mom that has a skilled player for a son I know that if my son is sitting its because another little guy is getting his chance to play. We ALL pay our money just the same way as everyone else. How is  a weaker player going to get any better when they never get the chance to play? In an exhibition game, that would be a great time to let them play as it doesn’t count for playoffs or championships. Do we not need to build up their self esteem, and teach them about team building as well? Am I wrong?  Again guess that’s the difference between the two teams.  Last but not least the other difference between our teams is our coaches do not yell at our players like the American ones do. One was yelling swear words at the boys.  They are little boys…..helloooooooo……wouldn’t be talking to my son like that let me tell ya.  But that’s just me. I wouldn’t think of speaking for anyone else.

And once again I guess that would be the difference between the teams. Not wrong ,just different.

Christmas at our house

Life seems to have gotten away from me with activities that the kids are involved with and with  the holidays fast approaching  it seems that things are going to stay busy for a while yet.pcu44311

Christmas is my favorite time of the year and that includes my own birthday. In around the end of November I start to get this warm cozy kind of feeling that starts in the pit of my tummy that grows with each day as Christmas draws near. By the time Christmas day rolls around I’ve turned back into a 5 year old again.  I guess I’m just an old romantic soul that can’t get enough of everything that comes with  Christmas. 

I LOVE the sounds. Bells, carols, kids laughing, greetings, fire crackling, boots crunching over the snow as you choose a tree, and by far the kindness people express to each other.

I LOVE the smells. Baking, wreaths, tress, cooking, fire logs, and hot drinks and spices.

I LOVE watching the house transform into a glow of lights, the wreaths, holly and garland decorating the doors, tables and fireplaces.

I LOVE the tree. Finding and choosing one, decorating  it your own special way. (mine has 70 snowmen on it, as I collect snowmen, 450 was the last count).

I LOVE watching peoples faces as they greet a friend or loved one.

I LOVE watching the kids climb onto Santa’s knee and get pictures and tell Santa what they want for Christmas.

I LOVE choosing a gift for someone and watching thier faces as they open it, for if you recieve a gift from me you can bet on it that I have put ALOT of time, thought anfd effort into getting it. I NEVER just grab something off a shelf and say ok this will do. NEVER!!!!!!).

I LOVE spending time with family and friends. We play games, tell jokes and stories and of coarse we eat. hehe It tears me apart to see anyone by themselves at Christmas as well. I have been known to invite any number of people to Christmas dinner. In fact this year if all come there will be 16, even though there are only 5 in my family.

I LOVE watching the old and new Christmas movies and cartoons. My favorite of ALL time is “It’s a Wonderfull Life”        


But most of all I LOVE going to church to celebrate Jesus’s birth. Thanking him for all He’s done for us Because without Him we would all be lost!  

So tell me WHATS your favorite part of Christmas?