A Celebration in my house


We are celebrating here in our house this weekend.

As some of you may or may not know I have been on a roller coaster ride for most of my life with my weight. I have tried pretty much every diet out on the market and have had some success and then gain it all back when I quit the diet. Well this time I have  decided that I was going to have a LIFE CHANGE as well as weight loss. I started in March and although it has been VERY slow with ups and downs through out as of Friday the Doc says I have finally lost 19lbs. This week I finally broke the plateau that I have been on for 5 weeks and lost 3.4lbs. YEAH ME!! Still have 15lbs more to go for me to  reach my goal BUT I’ll take any and ALL lbs gone. Say a prayer for me… I may need it.

As well as most of you know my youngest son plays football for the city and they had a game today. His team won 32/0 and to top it all off he got a TOUCH DOWN!!!  Way to go Buddy!!                                                                                   

He also has been given an opportunity to play football in Ohio presenting Ontario in Nov. So we are fund raising for him to be able to go. He’s been helping the neighbours with yard work and such to earn money to go. I’m very proud of him for his efforts. I can’t wait for him to be able to go to Ohio for this experience.

This has been a good week for us. Lets pray and hope for more to come.




I think this would be what most of us have been saying ALL summer. It makes me think what is coming this winter if we have this much precipitation now. Are we in for more of what we got last winter?  For those of you who do not live in my neighbourhood, we had regular snow falls last year in access of about 6-10 feet. Give or take.  I can’t remember having that much snow since being in high school. (that’s about 25 years ago).

I have been listening to the news about Hurricane Ike and wondering where oh where are these peoples brains?  They were and have been told by the weather guys and government people for awhile now that this was coming and to get out.  BUT do you think they did??????  NOOOOOOO don’t be silly. On the news it said one guy phoned 911 and asked “what should I do I left it to late and now I can’t get out.” He was told ” Tie your ID to your leg so we can identify you later.” Why I have to ask myself wouldn’t these people go when they were told to go?  Why wait till it’s too late?  Some may say “I had no where else to go”  OR “I didn’t  think it would be this bad”  What about Katrina? Did you not learn from that? Did you not make arrangements for the next time this happened, because it was bound to happen again. Our weather has been changing for awhile now. They have been informing of this, again, for awhile now.

I feel VERY bad for these people because Katrina was so bad and some have not yet been able to recover. Some of the less fortunate are still living in conditions that no one should EVER have to BUT when you are told it’s coming again, PLEASE PLEASE for the your own sake LEAVE! GO! Go anywhere but there.

I still don’t know why it has and is taking so long for these people to get new places to live. Can’t the government step in and make new places? How about appartment buildings? Or town houses? These kinds of buildings house alot of families and would get them back into safe places to live and give these people back some self respect. They need to know that their country cares about them and hasn’t forgotten them. As I don’t live in the states, I know I don’t know all of what has been or what is being done for these people. But I still see on the news, on the internet, or in the papers that there are still people doing without. NOW  theres going to be and is more.

When Katrina hit my hubby went for 2 1/2 weeks and helped out taking water to those who needed it by way of his transport truck.  When Ike desides to take his leave my hubby said he will once again go if needed.

Until then and afterwards I will be praying for all those in their time of need.

School days

The first week of school is over and we have survived. 

The shopping for books. pencils, pens, paper, locks, lunch bags, erasers, backpacks, binders, pencils crayons, and clothes have come to and end….for now.  We have gotten back into our routines of going to bed early and getting up early. Making lunches the night before, setting out our clothes, packing backpacks, doing home work, and the signing whatever permission form. Our little kiddies are off making new friends, remembering old ones, playing at recess and trying to remember what the teacher taught them today.

With school just starting and foremost in most peoples lives and minds it brings me to things I have been watching on T.V. and reading in the news papers.

I am worried.

I’ve been reading (and not just lately) that some of our schools are becoming ethnic orientated.  I am whole heartily against this.  How long have our fore fathers gone to war to enable us to be equals? How many of our loved ones died to make sure we could stand up for our rights? Rights as human, as men and women? Do we not live in a country that allows us to pick and choose what religion we believe in, who we marry, who we hang out with, play, live and work with? Is this NOT what we have fought for, for years and years?  Are we not a multicultural and multiracial country? If that’s the truth then why are we even considering back tracking by separating students based on ethnicity’s?  Why can’t we teach our children about ALL nationalities?  Our world is made up of some very amazing people of all different cultures and racial backgrounds that have formed our lives and country for the better.  I feel that if the school board wants to specificly teach one set of children about their cultures then it should be offered as a course in high school to those that want to take it. Or better yet offer a course that teaches about all kinds of cultures.  Are we or are we not trying to get rid of the way of thinking that says I’m better than you because I’m……(whatever culture).

I read in one of the papers that “Even very young children are able to understand that people can have different perspectives on the same issue, but I don’t think there is adequate recognition of that in the curriculum and by teachers” says one teacher that teaches early childhood studies and immigration and settlement studies. I agree.  I also agree with another man who runs the African Canadian Services Divsion that “Simply focusing aboriginal people on knowing about aboriginal people, and not knowing about the Irish and Russian history is not going to work”. “History taught from one perspective is misguided and they call it miseducation”. Although this statement is saying aboriginal people it can and does go for all people.

A while back my husband and I went into the USA travelling. The further we got south the less people knew anything about Canada. “Do you live in igloos?” “Do you have snow all year round?” “Do you have cars or just get around by dogs?” “Is it dark over there all the time?”  I could not believe what I was hearing.

Although I agree with one multicultural education expert when she said ” I don’t think there’s  anything  that says one kind of school, or one way of teaching is the best” BUT Would you not agree that in order to function, we need to learn about each other, not just an understanding of ourselves?  

Did we all forget the statement….   “All for one and one for all”

Personally I think our money would be better spent on teaching our kids some basic things in life……. how to get along, how to protect themselves, how to educate themselves, how to better the lives around them as well as their own, how to take care of themselves and each other, the difference between right and wrong, what is mine is NOT yours and you have no right to take it, that violence does not solve any issues, that just because I’m different doesn’t mean you can pick on me, and no one except law enforcement people should carry weapons of any kind. Another thing I think that all kids should learn and be made to take in high school is a child care coarse where they learn and have to take care of a baby for 3 weeks. There are dolls that are programed to react like a real baby. Maybe just maybe there would be less teenage pregnancies if this was a mandatory class for both boys and girls.

I also think that we should go back to the way it was years ago when kids said and had the attitude of “Yes sir” “No sir” “Sorry sir” “Won’t happen again sir” “May I help you Mame?” “Let me get that for you” while in school and everyday life. I feel that alot of the children these days have forgotten how to respect anything and everyone in life. They think that life owes them something and they should get it NOW and not have to work for it.

I wonder…….where did the manners and respect go.


Where did the day go?

Our lives seem to go on at a rate of speed that sometimes leaves me staggering and wondering where did the day go?

Every day we do things like go to work, fight with a boss or co-worker, fight with traffic or for a parking spot, get dressed, make dinner, lunches or the bed. We water gardens, do the banking, do the groceries, feed the animals, wash the floors, windows or car. We read a book, write a list, take a shower or bath. We clean the dishes, the house or the back yard. We run errands and take kids to something or other.

Every day we also lose or miss things like our minds, the keys, a sweater, a sock, a friend, a loved one, a job, an opportunity, a punch line or joke, a parking spot, a sale, our waist line, or even something or someone from our past.

Sometimes I wonder what ever happened to the simpler times when we rested more, played more, took time out more? Why are we always in such a rush? It doesn’t even matter what it’s about we still seem to always be rushing every where for everything.

How many of you are the same as me or at least have moments like mine where you know there are things to be done but you just have NO energy to get up and get them done?  I’m I the only one feeling like I’m always running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I never seem to feel I have gotten anything done for the day.

Have you ever walked into a room, say the living room to clean up. Start by picking up one thing, see a dirty shirt and take it to the laundry. Then put a load in the washer. Find a bowl and spoon in your kids room as you walk by and take it to the kitchen. Put it and the rest of the dishes in the dishwasher. See the mail on the table and pick it up, filing away the re-cycling junk mail and then think hey while I’m here I should put out the garbage. Find the pot you have been looking for while in the garage so you replant that plant you have been meaning to. While doing that you notice the paint for the bathroom so you grab that stuff and you paint the bathroom. As you take off your paint clothes you see that the dog needs to be brushed so you brush the dog. It’s now dinner time and as you make dinner you wonder why is the living room still a mess and whatever happened to cleaning it.  You haven’t stopped all day and you are tired but can’t figure out why the living room is still not cleaned up. I mean wasn’t that what you were surpose to be doing today?

Tell me how many of you can relate to that?  How many of us live our lives in that state of crazy. I know I have and still do sometimes. BUT I can say that I have made an effort to stay in one room till its all cleaned up now. To make sure that I feel I have at least finished something for the day. hehe.

So with that I’m off to clean…….something!!!!!    I hope!!