Football Season begins again


Just had to brag about my youngest son whom I think you all know plays football.

He has gone from spring ball and winning the championship to fall ball (REP TEAM).  His team won the Fall seasons championship last year as well. The same coaching staff is back plus 2 more and yes I am once again the manager. Much more work in Fall ball then in Spring ball but I really don’t mind it as long as the parents are understanding. To which most of them are. All except one father!!!  This father has said he plans on complaining for the rest of the season. He complains about everything!!! And I mean everything!!! From how much the season costs,  to how much the jersey’s cost, to the fact he has to pay for a dance he doesn’t want to go to, why does he have to pay for insurance for his kid to play, why don’t I know about this or that,  when will we know about this or that, why weren’t the jerseys unpacked and made sure they all fit the players BEFORE we got them?  This father doesn’t care that we have over 250 kids playing football in different age groups and we are ALL volunteering our time and efforts. We are NOT getting paid. He seems to forget that the boys are all different sizes and we would have to wait till the boys were all together and fit them anyways.  He also doesn’t care that this was the way the jerseys were given to us and we really didn’t at that time have much choice , because they were given to us at such a late date and we had an up coming game THAT weekend.  He was even told by one of the higher ups that if he didn’t like it he could take his child and his money would be refunded.  He didn’t like that. hehe I thought it was funny myself. ( I know not  the right attitude) BUT What bothers me is that as parents we all have to pay the same for our boys to play. That is just the way it is!! If you want your kid to play that is the way it is. He knows that but still feels he needs to complain. I was the manager as well last year and he complained last year as well.  Do you think the man will ever grow up????  Nope me neither.

As for the boys we have had 2 games. Our first game we won 42/0.  My son sacked the QB 5 times!!! YUP a real proud Mama moment. Our second game was just yesterday and we won 32/0.  No sacks but he made some very good plays and stopped them from getting points a few times.  His head coach was also made aware, by his Spring coach that he knew how to play a few other positions then the ones he was playing.  At one point my guy was running in one play and out the next and I was wondering….ok whats going on….only to learn that coach was giving him the plays and he was running them out to run the next play.  He even took on the biggest player on the other team. At ten yearsold this child was 5’9 and 160-70 pounds. My guy is only 100 lbs and 4’7. Didn’t even bat an eye lash just plowed right into him. Head coach was impressed. hehe That’s my boy!!!

As far as my big guy is concerned there is no other sport. He eats, sleeps, and breaths football.  I was once told by a professional ball player that if he continues to play the way he does or gets even better than he will have a very long career ahead of him in football. Don’t worry though, my big guy also wants to be an engineer. He loves to draw and build things out of anything he can get his hands on.

We have a BY this weekend so there is no football for us but we are having a fun day at the park with all the boys and their families. I will keep you all updated as to how the season is going. For now we are in the lead.  Lets all say a prayer for fun, safety, and a winning season.



Good day

Could someone please tell me WHY weddings are so stressful?????

I thought that a wedding was suppose to be a celebration of the love two people have for one another that is to be shared with family and friends who support the couple.

Am I wrong?????

I think back over my wedding 18 years ago. 

My wedding started off great, just great. NOT!!!!

First when hubby gave me my ring we went to his parents first and mine got mad because we were late for dinner.       Next because I’m very short at 4’10 it was very hard to find a dress. We looked in about 15 different shops. (My mom and aunt ending up making my dress)      Our mothers could barely tolerate each other.      I was told that if there was alcohol and dancing my new in-laws would not be there. Or I could chose not to have any and they would pay for the whole thing. (Turns out there was drinking and dancing and my in-laws did come but paid for nothing)        The brides maids didn’t like the dress I picked out, had to pick a different one, and we argued over the whole thing and when they came in,  the dresses were not hemmed the same length or weren’t hemmed at all.      Our church was just starting out so we didn’t have a building and had to rent one. No problem one would think but they gave us a hard time about wanting our own pastor to marry us and not theirs. Or we were told we could have both. (Only ours married us)       Two of the wedding party backed out 2 weeks before the wedding. (key members I might add)         The shoes for the girls came in, in all different sized heels.  My maid of honour didn’t make it to the rehearsal.       The guys got upset that they had to help decorate the hall. They then took my hubby, who does not drink, out and got him drunk the night of the rehearsal so he had a hang over the day of our wedding.      The DJ forgot our wedding song and didn’t tell us till 2 mins before we were to dance our first dance that we had to pick another one.     We forgot a change of clothing for the next day. (We went to my parents for brunch before we left on our honeymoon.)      Some of the ushers freaked at being made to wear a peach cumber bun and bow tie. (we changed them to charcoal silver grey)       We had people who said they were coming not show up and then people who were not suppose to be there show up.       My flower girl cut off ALL her bangs 4 days before the wedding.     And Lets not forget family members fighting and not talking to each other. 

I could go on but I think you have got the picture.  But not just my wedding either. I have heard horror stories from so many different brides and bride-maids that would make a grown man weep.

One friend of mine is in a wedding this weekend. First shes made (with much arguing) to buy a dress 6 sizes too big and then pay for the bigger sizes and then pay again to have them take the dress back in because she was swimming in it.   And when she complains to the store and bride she gets nothing but attitude and then told by the maid of honour NOT to contact the bride for any reason.

At my cousin’s wedding her own mother wasn’t speaking to her till about a week before and then it was stressed to say the least.

At another friends wedding the poor bride got lost on some back road in the middle of no where in the dark and was late for her own wedding by 2 1/2 hours.

And why is it that professional people such as hair dressers, photographers, dress makers, florists, caters etc think they can take advantage of, cheat you out of, rip you off,  or just plain step all over you when you are planning a wedding? They know they have you over a barrel because they wait till the last min to tell you the hidden costs, or what ever else is hidden to you when you first sign the dotted line.  I have been at hair dressers and seen brides and their parties in tears because someone is not listening to the bride on how she would like her hair to look like on her wedding day. One friend was then told because it tookthe hair dresser longer to do her hair it was going to cost more….NO way I said if she had of listened in the first place it wouldn’t have taken that long.

I’m by no means saying that every professional is lumped into this statement for I know that NOT ALL are like that and some peoples weddings go off with out a hitch and most professionals take great pride in their work and name ………..but then there are the others.

I wonder….what ever happened to  the bride and groom getting together in a little church or someones back yard with all their loved ones and friends and having a beautiful little wedding with everyone bringing something for the dinner?  Everyone joining in and making it a great day for the couple?  No big hassles, no big costs, and no one thinking about anyone or anything else but what the happy couple wants and likes.

If I was able to do it all over again, I for one would jump at the chance to to it better.   Same wonderful guy but I think just a little bit different than the way we did it.       I ask some people (and they know who they are)    why is it that some of us just blow everything way out of proportion?  Wheres the simplicity of what a wedding really means.  

Yet I know when the dust settles, the family and friends have gone home, the last plate has been packed up, the confetti swept, the chairs stacked, the gifts collected………. when all it’s said and done….the fact that two people have gotten married and have begun a new life together is really all that matters.


Mans best friend

Good day

Pets come and go in our lives as do people. But our pets are the ones that love us no matter what, when ever we need, for as long as we need them too, they listen without condeming us, and they don’t talk back.

Noah dropped off the ark at my house.

2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 degus, 4 hamsters, and 3 fish live at our house.

When we first decided to get a dog our first concern was for the kids. What kind, how big, does it shed, vet bills etc etc.  We answered a few ads in the papers but went to the pound instead to finally get our new family member.  I asked my hubby who at the time wasn’t really ready for a dog but was giving in for me and the kids what kind would he pick if he had his choice. A German Sheppard was his answer. So off to the pound I went and asked if they by some slim chance had one. YES I was told. YIPPPPPEEEEE…… YES!!!!!!……. hubby would be happy and we would get our dog.  As there was only one of them, we didn’t have much choice but one look at her and we were done anyways.  She had already had a home before and so she came with the name Jessie.  We didn’t mind it so Jessie kept her name.  She was given to the pound because she nipped and the people didn’t like that. WHAT puppy doesn’t nip I asked them. HELLOOOOOOOO  You just have to teach them not to that’s all. So $85 dollars later we took a bouncing ball of energy home.

Jessie has been THE most amazing dog ever. We have never had any problems with her nipping, jumping up, peeing in the house, or attacking the cats or any other animal we bring into the house.  She treats them as her babies. That is the one thing I think we regret with Jessie, is that we never bred her.  She would have been the best mom.  The only thing we can ever say she does is that she gets up on the table or counter if left alone. She thinks that if your going to leave me home alone then your going to pay for it. haha  So even though I’ve lost some dishes, pots and glasses she’s still been a great dog.  She’s never been one to get sick or hurt or anything to cause us serious vet bills. In fact I think we could count on one hand how many bills we’ve ever had for her.

Today was one of those days………

Last October this happened as well so we were hoping it wasn’t going to be anything worse.

BUT today was awful. You see my hubby that didn’t want the dog in the first place has come to love her more than any other pet he’s ever had.

Picture this….. A man of 40 something gets on the phone talking to this dog and yes she answers him back. To say we laugh is an understatement. Jessie makes noises, whimpers, barks and licks the phone as hes talking to her. When he gets home they lay on the floor for 15-20 mins talking. What is she doing I asked once only to be told “she telling me what you and the kids did this week, what happened in her world, and what happened in the neighbourhood.”  Okay then (roll eyes). He is required to say hello to her first or there is no living with her. hehe Quite funny and cute to see them together.

Today, like back in October she got a nose bleed. I’m not talking a few drops of blood I’m talking about 2 rolls of toilet paper and a towel later kind of nose bleed. I wasn’t home so hubby phones me asking what to do. Last time we were told hold her nose and feed her ice cubes so that’s what I told him to do once again. When I got home and realized it looked worse than last time I called and took her into the vets. Where we were told it might be a nose infection, it might be a tumor, or it could be cancer.

At this point hubby is tearing my heart out by doing everything he can not to tear up. She’s not that old he tells the vet. First she looks at me in that knowing look and then tells him that most dogs like Jessie only live to be 8-10 years old. It’s not that she couldn’t live longer but she is old.    

Jessie was 11 years old on July first.

So what are we to do?  For starters meds for the infection in her nose, plus Epinephrine we will have to put up her nose on a q-tip that will help to clot her nose when it bleeds again. After we call the vet to tell her it’s started again we are told more meds for her liver.  The liver makes the stuff that makes her blood clot, so this MAY be one of the reasons her nose is bleeding because there is an infection there as well. And the thyroid needs meds because its not working properly either and she will need to be on these rest of her life. The doc says we could scope her, x-ray her and or do an altra sound but she doesn’t want to stress her anymore than she already is. Keep her quiet was our last instruction.

Office visit…….$60

Nail trim………..$9

Meds (nose)…… $88.48  

Blood tests……  $112


Meds (liver)……..$33.26

Meds (throid)…..$35



Time spent with Jessie………… PRICELESS


For today Jessie is still a beloved member of our family ……. for how much longer I’m not sure.

Men have NO idea…..

Good morning All

This post is not directed to any and all men, and for that matter any and all women. This post is also not for the faint of heart or stomach.  Sorry for the details it may reveal ladies.

BUT most men have NO idea…..        What women go through in their lives. 

Some men go bald……so do women.

Some men have a saggy belly… do women.

Some men are fat or skinny….so are women.

Some men are tall or short… are women.

Some men have hair that grows out of places that they would really like it not to… do women.

Some men have mid life changes (that’s what I’m going to call them hehe)…….so do women.

Some men lose loved ones in their lives in ALL kinds of different ways… do women.

Some men lose jobs, cars, houses, animal friends, neighbours, or even opportunities… do women.

Some men have medical things in their lives….so do women.

Some men have mental problems… do women.

BUT Let me tell you that us women have it WAY WAY worse.

Tell me ladies if I’m wrong. 

Every month that nasty thing called our periods comes along. It changes our moods and bodies for it’s torturing pleasure. It rips our insides out.  It turns us into she devils. Raving out of control hormonal nasty she devils. We can see what we are doing and saying but are unable to stop it because that thing is in control not us.  Most of us women can spot it a mile away. Just one look at another woman and we know its hot water bottle, heating pad, drugs, jammies or track pants, our fav foods and lets not forget CHOCOLATE time!!!!!!! At this time men you should just step away….step away from us, do not pass go, do not collect $200.  We even have names for this time such as ……  Auntie Flo came to visit. The tomato boat has docked. I’m on The rag. Monthly bill, Riding the red river, Bloody Mary, Eve’s curse, Monthly curse, Devil’s juice and The Monthly volcano of doom. Personally I tell my hubby not only is the boat in the harbour, it has docked and the crew has left the ship NOW GET LOST and leave me alone.  hehe

Oh and by the way I bet it was a man who thought up that stupid commercial about having a HAPPY PERIOD……and if it wasn’t….., then she should be shot. LMAO

Men also do not have to carry our bundles of love for 10 months. Yup guys it’s 10 not 9.   The 40 weeks most women are pregnant is 4 weeks in a month equaling 10 months. Our bodies change and not always for the good.  Our boobs first fill out, sometime till even the slightest touch of a cotton ball has us screaming now picture them stuffed into some torture thing called a bra. They then get filled with milk and burst at any baby crying and run down and soak the front our shirts in public , some of us even have the pleasure of our nipples cracking and bleeding. Wow isn’t that just awsome…..then after we stop nursing they sag, droop and lose shape.  Now some of us aren’t able to or choose not to nurse but age, weight gain or loss, men and kids pulling, sucking, hitting and biting them does nothing for the youth full shape either. Plus our butts become bigger, our ankles swell, some get pimples we never had, hair falls out, our emotions go hay wire up one minute and down the next, some get diabetes, high blood pressure, toxemia, stretch marks, we can’t move on and off chairs or couches without help or a crane and let us not forget we pee till the cows come home.  Then and only then do the contractions start. They rip through your body as if  lightening strikes a tree and it splits down the centre. Our water breaks just like when a dam has broke.  In my case…picture this…. it is flowing down my legs through the 2 bath sheetI have stuffed between my legs, the contractions are 2 mins apart lasting 1 1/2 mins and I can’t stand without help when the elevator door opens, a man standing there takes a look at me and my mom yells “we’re having a baby take the next one” and closes the door in his face. (of coarse you know that was the first person I saw when I came home) Next the doc says its ok to push after 3 hours of being told NOT to push, and then that’s only after 52 million hours of having your legs, back and crotch ripped apart, and being made to walk the floors till your legs are numb.  Yes this is the part ALLwomen love….when they have to push (even though they are so tired they can’t keep their eyes open) a grapefruit out through a straw without splitting the straw. Or the doc saying don’t push for whatever medical reason and you then have to stop. Have you ever tried to stop a land slide with a spoon????? Hellooooooooo NOT easy! You ladies who have gone through this know exactly what I’m saying…..don’t you!!! Yeah you know you do.  BUT Incredibly when the doc puts the baby in your arms most of that stuff just goes away. BUT Yeah lets have another baby.

Yes the gym can help but really ladies lets tell the truth when its all said and done how much does it really help in the end  when the bras come off? HEHE.   Like our boobs, our bellies, thighs, and bums don’t always spring back either.  Ok so some of us are VERY blessed and we jump back into shape and we look great.  And then some of us are NOT so lucky. Myself being one of them.

Also lets not forget the wonderful and blessed thing called The Mammogram.  Yes that machine was created by men to smash, pinch, squash and flatten our breasts into pancakes. Ohhhhh I know they are the best things for medical purposes and whole hardly agree we need them BUT when was the last time IF EVER any man put their own private parts in one of those contraptions???? I wonder if it would have been made the same way if they had?  I have a friend….The poor woman was in that thing and the power went out.  She was stuck in it for 2 hours while the power was restored. Where I ask was the release button for cases like that????  Well we all know it was never made because man never had to stand in one of them having their privates transformed into a piece of paper.

And last but definitely not least we have menopause.  The time in a woman’s life that transforms her into a crazed hormonal thing.  Yes some don’t find it all that bad but for those that I know that have gone through it, are in the middle of, or just staring out, they all say the same thing. It’s murder going through the hot and cold flashes. One minute it’s turn up the heat, put a sweater on, grab a blanket or it’s everyone else doing those things because she has just put the air conditioner on in February and all of this just happened in a matter of ten minutes. Plus even though we can’t wait till our periods go away, it now is a matter of when it will come. Will it be twice this month, or maybe three times. Does it come at all? Does it go away for a month or 2 just to come back even worse for the next three.  So you walk around with the proper protection stuffed into your purse never knowing if ,where or when. Then some of us have to take meds to help even out our hormonal bodies, and start using our razors for more than legs and underarms. 

I agree it’s not this way for all women but for most of us it is and for some its worse. 

Now isn’t being a woman just great………Men you have NO idea!!!!

P.S. Don’t get me wrong I love being a woman and there are some very great things about being a woman……BUT in these cases……..well men you just have not and could not have a clue.


What are we teaching our kids?

Good day

This message is NOT directed to all who read it and those of you who do read it may not totally agree but these are just some of my thoughts, however wrong or right they may be.

As I have the summer off from my job, I have been looking after 2 of my girlfriends children. As I watch these kids and my own I’m reminded of the different stages they all go through. My kids are 10, 12 and 14. I have loved and hated lots of different things about each stage.

One of the little bundles of energy I’ve had the joy of watching is 4. He’s a tiny little thing and ohhhhh so very sweet. He reminds me of my middle guy a great deal. The other little munchkin is 8. He’s smart as a whip and you get nothing by him, always asking question, this too reminds me of my middle guy.

They, as well as my own are very funny to watch. I listen to the games they play, the subjects they cover, the way they talk about things and to each other, I watch how they address adults and other children and how they treat each other after being with one another for more time than the normal play dates.

As I watch and listen to these kids I have begun to worry about what we are teaching our children.

As a child, unless it was after 9pm there wasn’t much that was on TV that my parents had to be overly concerned about. Now a days its very scary.  I have to watch EVERY thing and the time of day doesn’t seem to matter either.  Some of the contents of even certain cartoons is questionable.  Whatever happened to the good old fashion morals, values, non sexual, non foul language, no blood and gore, respectfull movies and TV shows that we use to watch. That we weren’t afraid to let our children watch.

Instead we have to explain to our children why and what a condom is because at 4 years old when they see it on the TV in a commerical they want to know what it is. 

“Mom why is it ok for that girl, boy on TV to wear that and I can’t?”

Why I ask do I even need to explain it at their age. 

Why do the people who make the things we wear feel the need to dress our little girls like sluts. Yes I said sluts!!!!!  It is either low cut, see through, tight, or riding up their butts. And because some person makes it and then some famous person thinks it will get themselves noticed more, our children think its ok to dress the same.

It’s not just TV and movies.  Today my kids were on the computer. They spelt a word wrong and up pops porn.  I watch where and what they are doing on the computers but come on already one misspelt word and now I can’t get it off my computer.  I phoned the company only to be told that “NO there is no way to block any and all sites like that UNLESS I know the address of the site” Tell me do you know ALL those kinds of sites???????  By name??????  Not me!!!! 

Its things like this that have the wacko’s out there preying on little children. I know that they have always been there but when our children are being dressed like that because there is barely anything else in the stores to buy it brings them out more. It’s an advertisment to them.  If you don’t believe me check out the news and how many child porn sites and how many sick movies and such there are.

I have a 14 year old daughter. She is going to highschool this Sept. and it scares me to death. Our children are being exposed to so much way way to early.  About a year and a half ago she asked me what a blow job was.  After I choked, sputtered, sweated and nearly threw up, I gave her the basics.  She thank the good Lord was discussed enough that I didn’t have to go into to many details. At her age  was still playing with Barbies for goodness sake. Where did she learn that????? School she says.

Why and what are we teaching our children when we don’t stand up and say NO THANK YOU to the way we are being spoken to, made to dress, what we are being made to listen to, what we are watching, where we are being made to live, what we are being told to eat,  or how we are being treated by each other, all weather it’s on the TV, in the paper, on the news, in the movies or

For these and safety reasons I have had to buy 2 of my kids cell phones because of how far they have to walk to and from school.  My mom says “you didn’t need one, so why do your kids?” My reply was I never had to be worried about being shot by pellet guns, accosted by drunk homeless guys, or bullied and picked on the same way my kids are and were.

We live in a different world these days, than we did  25 years ago and I have to ask myself…if we continue on the path we are now……who and what is to become of our children?