Can’t move again today

Could someone PLEASE smack me!!!

So today started like every other day this summer. I woke up about 8ish, got dressed, visited the bathroom (you know to brush away the slime that lingers on your teeth each morning), have a bite to eat (very little bite as my butt is not and I’m on that roller coaster ride of trying to shed unwanted pounds), drive my daughter to the barn so she can ride the horses (got a surprise today as my youngest son stayed there as well….yippee no fighting today) and then went to the doc’s to weigh in and found I’d lost half a pound….ok so its not mount St Louis BUT I’ll take it. After last week when I lost 3 and then remembered where I put them and found them again, I’ll take the half pound any day! That’s when it happened……

I went to the gardening store AGAIN!! Yes for those that know me I did it again. I know I have NO business buying more flowers for my 8 gardens around my house……but….. I just had to do it!! Yeah right you say but really, really I had to! The gardening fairy’s made me, yup yup they did.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!!!! There was holes where some of the annuals didn’t grow and that they just couldn’t be left alone, they had to be filled. It was awfull!  So I went and got some great deals and filled all the holes and I think it looks great……but…. now I can’t move or am doing so very slowly because I hurt.  You see I had 3 back surgeries and had to learn to walk again and all that bending over has made me sore again. All because I just couldn’t leave those holes alone. lol 


Could someone please smack me and remind me I’m not surpose to be doing those kinds of things for as long as I was doing them?  Thanks for your help with the smacking. LOL


To award or not to award part 2

We went to the awards on Saturday and much to our surprise the coach DID give his “son” an award. But not my son. So my guy was alittle upset about it but not for long. I was VERY proud of him for the way he handled it.

…..BUT THEN…..

We got a great surprise on Sunday morning when we found our son’s picture on the front page of the sports section of our local newpaper. VERY Proud Mama moment!!!! YUP lots of copies were asked for from our neighbours for family members.

Very nice way for a little guy to feel better!

Why is it????

Good day!

I have to ask…..

Why is it when you are on the phone the kids get louder and make sure they are now in the same room as you but haven’t been there till then? 

Why is it when you are in the bathroom someone always wants in?

Why is it that you are not hungry till someone puts bacon, coffee, cookies or BBQ on?

Why is it that your child can fall asleep on the sofa but the minute you put them to bed they are no longer tired?

Why is it that ten minutes after leaving the bathroom your kids say “I have to go pee” When they didn’t need to go before?

Why is it that your kids can’t finish their dinner but have lots of room for any dessert offered?

Why is it that the phone doesn’t ring all day but the minute you sit down to watch your fav program it rings and you can’t get them off the phone?

Why is it that you sometimes go into a room and forget what you went for?

Why is it when playing cards by yourself that someone looks over your shoulder and tells you where to move?

Why is it that the kids never have to go pee till after you put their snow suits on?

Why is it that kids always say “are we there yet”?

Why is it that kids can open a completely full fridge or cupboard and say ” I can’t find anything to eat”?

Why is it that men can open a cupboard and say “honey I can’t find….do you know where it is”? and then you walk over and move ONE thing and its right there in front of them?

And last but not least for today is….

Why is it that men CAN”T ask for directions?

Have a great day!

To award or not to award that is the question

Ok so I’m new here.  Just wanted to say hey and hi. And just to let you know I CAN”T SPELL WORTH BEANS!!!!!!! hehehehe

My friend says I have lots of funny, interesting, some great and some now so great things to say. SO here goes nothing. Let me know what you think.

I was wondering what my first blog would be. Where would I venture to go first….then I thought why not start with a phone call I got today from a friend.

By the way any and all names I use here are not real names.

So Agnes calls and tells me that her boyfriend George, who is my son’s football coach, gets and e-mail from the higher ups and they tell him he must pick 2 boys from his team for the awards dinner on Sat.  One for Most improved and one for Biggest heart. No problem he says and tell them who he wants.  In turn they respond with…you can’t pick them because one of them is your girlfriends son (even though this kid can really play ball and everyone knows it) and my son because I help out with the team as manager.

Let me set the stage so you all understand.  These boys are only 10 and have just won the House league championships. The coach had no help all season, where as the other teams had 3-4 coaches.

Agnes’s son is one of the best players on the team, he comes to all practices, encourages the other boys to do better, play better, get along better, shows them how its done, a real leader. He gets touch downs, hits and plays very hard. Boy can he run.

Like wise does my son. Although hes not any where as fast. BUT my son played with a bruised hip for 2 1/2 weeks untill the doc said no more and he had to sit out. Let me tell you he was NOT impressed.  Even still during one of the games that he had to sit out, they were losing and my son put on his pads and was willing to play. Even though he was in pain.  George said no but he was at least willing to play no matter what. BUT made a point of saying to the team “this is what teamship means” Hurt and still wants to be there for the team.

Now some of you may think I’m just being picky and over sensitive because it’s my son BUT……..  If I paid for him to play football and being the manager is volunteer position, then why can’t he win IF he has earned it??????  I can see if he had NOT earned it. Then NO way should he win.  Not in a million years. I don’t go for that. No work no play!!

On the other hand some of the parents may think George IS showing favoritism because of who the parents are.  Personally I was upset because if they earned it, they should get it. ( I know the over sensitive mom thing again). Agnes’s son said “then why did I try so hard if I’m NOT allowed to win?” I know the correct response should have been “for yourself” but that is not always easy to explain to a 10 year old. My son just hung his head and said ok Mom. I could see in his eyes he was upset though. I told him who George picked instead and both the boys felt other team mates were good choices.

I was very proud of both of them because even though they were both smarting from not being able to win, they at least were big enough to honor their team mates with a smile and a big heart.

Well that’s it for the my first blog.  I look forward to hearing from you all. You may or may not agree with everything I say on here now or in the future but I hope you are least entertained or get a laugh from it.

Take care always.